No matter how kind of woman you are, you need to set foot on the red carpet wearing a pair of high heels, as your choice we can not intervene, but you should know that Mr. Christian Louboutin's name right.

Toe Toe

Square head open-toed shoes have been popular in the past, and return it. Too heavy and dramatic square head shoes may be a nightmare for many people, but open a mouth in front, the effect will be greatly different. For feminine round head is concerned, it is a good swap material. It is very trendy, but unlike cusp shoe so eye-catching.

In the autumn of 2012, a pair of delicate open-toed shoes, square head would be a good choice.

Razor sharp pointed toe seems like just the shelves soon, then making a comeback. It sounds a little too fast this resurgence, but since stiletto here, it pointed shoes be far behind?

Styles, fabrics, details this fall and winter surprise is in the details. Buckles, belts, lace, studs, everything in this season's footwear can be seen. Suede so popular again, rare leather continued popularity. In addition, mixed leather (leather, suede, metal mix) occupies a prominent position. From the ankle to the knee, boots length range is now very extensive.

Jackboot almost every celebrity and supermodel Chanel dress in 2011's meticulous Boots boarded the magazine. 2012, compared to the low-heeled or flat boots, the high-heeled knee boots is the most popular single product. They are tightly wrapped hot legs, used with stockings, jeans or shorts are good.

Lace-up shoes and boots from the Victorian style to the sexy female teacher modeling, lace shoes will be popular for some time. Deformation of high-heeled shoes, take the loop loop ride shoes became popular, and it is sweet, sexy and mature campus wind wind combination. But most of the time style patent leather production lines are sleek, feminine round shoes. New shoes this season take the loop has changed they are added two or three take the loop, colorful, fabric and more luxurious. Also take the loop pointed shoes also appeared. No matter how they change, designer shoes, take the loop only requirement is that it must be enough overhangs.

Rare leather alligators, crocodiles, lizards, pythons ...... reptile skin is a major trend of the new season of footwear. Rare and exotic leather gives a sense and a sense of luxury. Season designers are in the most classic way to present them with rare leather shoes produced delicate and yet bold look. Whether they are leather or imitation leather, in order not to look tacky and low-level, the key is the quality of these shoes.